Studio Soul | Making A Difference

Studio Soul | Making A Difference

Want to see the difference a Kleos loan can make? Check out Auma Julia’s story:

Auma Julia was amongst the first wave Kleos borrowers in Gulu. When she applied for a loan she operated a small business as a tailor and seamstress using the one sewing machine she owned. Julia is a single mother and takes care of five children. One of her major concerns before receiving a loan was her inability to afford school fees for all of the children.

She requested and received a loan for 200,000 UGX (equivalent to about $80 CAD) to purchase two more spools of fabric and some thread. In her line of work, a variety of fabrics means a variety of customers, especially when the profitable school uniform season comes around.


Julia’s first year in the Kleos loan program was a successful one. Not only did she maintain a perfect repayment record, the profits she was able to turn were also more than she was anticipating. Not only was she now able to afford to send the children to school, she’d also begun construction on a new permanent roofed brick home for her family. In a village lined with grass roofed huts, it is quite a luxury! Julia is also planning on buying a second sewing machine, as her eldest daughter is of working age and can help grow the family business even further.



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