The Perfect Skirt For Every Body Type

The Perfect Skirt For Every Body Type

The Perfect Skirt For Every Body Type

By Netti of Netti’s Fab Life

What’s the number one garment that should be in every woman’s closet? A perfectly fitting skirt. Some women are under the impression skirts aren’t for everyone. Let me clear this up for you: all women can pull off a skirt, no matter what their body type is. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect fit for you.



Circle skirts or skater skirt as others call them, flatter pear-shaped and hour-glass figures. They sit at your natural waistline and loosely drop down around the body creating a slender appearance. Circular are semi-dressy and can be worn with almost anything from crop tops to tee-shirts.


Fire Orange Circle Skirt $150 from Studio 15


Another favorite of mine are maxi skirts. Most might think that this type of skirt should be left for the taller fashion guru. However, this silhouette is great for the shorter bunch too. A high-waisted maxi with elongate your torso, giving the illusion that you are taller than you’d like to admit.

This one below is pleaded so that makes it a little bit more dressy but you can totally dress it down if you pair it with a leather jacket.


Red Pleated Maxi Skirt $320 from Studio 15

Next up A-line skirts. These have been very fashionable now-a-days especially when paired with crop tops.  As for your figure, A-line skirts look great on people with a boy-ish figure because they widen towards the hem thus giving the illusion of a nice waistline. The one below has to be my favorite in this post because of its pattern. It gives it this very formal and expensive look can customized to your own taste with a simple crop top or a shirt, whichever fits you the most. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous!


Jacquard Midi Skirt $60 from Studio 15


If you have a curvy figure you definitely have to emphasize your features by wearing a pencil skirt. They are very feminine yet empowering. If you love this trend  but don’t have the perfect hourglass figure, you still rock this type of silhouette by pairing it with a loose-fitting shirt tucked in and a belt around your waist.


Lace Pencil Skirt by WYLDR £34 from Topshop


Last but not least I wanted to mention skorts. Now I know these are not actual skirts, but hey, they look like them. They are extremely comfortable and still look very cute and girly. These look good on mostly any body type, because when you think about it, they are actually shorts and shorts look good on anyone, don’t they? You can play around with tucking your top in or just leaving it out, pulling it up and thus making it ’high-waisted’ or leaving it sit on your hip nicely. If you want to make your thighs look skinnier choose one with triangular shape ’legs’.


NBD Move Over Layered Skort $112 from Nasty Gal

Now it’s your turn to tell me which skirts you fancy the most. Tell me in the comments below! And ladies, do not forget the most important thing – you wear whatever you want to wear as long as you feel comfortable in it! There is no real rules when it comes to fashion!

Photos courtesy of Nasty Gal, TopShop

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When she is not studying towards a major in communications, she spends her time discovering the city of Budapest, drawing, and writing. Netti is a university student by day and photographer/writer by night. Her motto: fashion and beauty are forms of art which empower you to express yourself without words.

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